Friday, May 4, 2012

Letting Go,Letting In

I used to have Tea after I come back from work daily.
After work,I feel exhausted,yawning and tired.

Recently,I started drinking carrot juice in the evening,thanks to my friend Narmadhan.
Nowadays I feel energetic,fresh,instead of feeling tired.
I am following this for a week now.
This is a new healthy habit I am forming now.

So Think about the old habits which are not serving you and Let them go.
What kind of new habits you will replace them with and Let them in?

This is applicable for all areas of our life.Think about it.

All the very best for your Happy,healthy,wealthy Life!

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Horseman said...

Shiri Kannanji
yes, yes yes
what you experienced about "carrot"juice is true,i loved my mothers cooked food.after her demise i used to cook,-( as i am unmarried)some time being lazy to cook i used to visit hotels too.
but some time back i was initiated into food cooked by God. vegetables like carrot, cucumber,tomato,beetroot,cauliflower,onion -white one.
and fruits ,banana, coconut,
kothamali leaves fresh one,
curry leaves, tulasi,
some pumbkin-white juice and wonderful -banana stem, vaazai thandu-வாழை தண்டு juice
many wonderful and very tasty fruits are luckily available here in Incia,
so i am avoiding now cooked food and tasting God's cooked food.
i feel more energetic even @this age of 65yrs, and i am sort of blissfulness, is being felt for long time
i remember our rishis and munis used to eat only natural foods like fruits and nuts and lots of pure water,spring water,
we have given up all these to choose the junk food, that is one of the reason i feel the "STRESSFULNESS"
AND voidness,
thank you for bringing to my attention, by your video,i take this moment to thank you for tireless effort in guiding or pointing to oneness,thank you.கண்ணா
எல்லாம் ஒன்றாய்
மிக்க நன்றி

ishwaran,Banglore, India

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