Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spread Your Light

This Little book is about a boy by name Shiva,lived in Mayawati,a small town in northern india.
It is a story of shiva getting the ancient secrets from a monk
and his search for the precious stone to fulfill his wishes.
It is a great parable revealing the secrets of Life.

Here are the secrets I learnt from this book:


All your thoughts should be aligned in one direction.

Our mind is not creating the thoughts but our impressions,Intentions do.

We should try to achieve fewer thoughts and zero conflict in our thoughts.

Our real identity is in the present moment we have.

Through superior alertness,we can achieve this real identity.

This will help you to discriminate between your thoughts, feelings and the present moment.


Lesson 3 of this book made me think of Lord Krishna's words in the Indian Scripture Mahabharatha:

Do your duty and don't expect the fruits.

Meaning,Be unattached from the results.

The story of the Monk and the Butcher is a nice example of this concept.

Life Purpose:

We are here in this world to evolve more not to change this world.
We are learning to know the difference between facts and Reality.
There is no precious stone which can fulfill all our wishes.
It is the Truth which will set us free.
We are the knowers of this truth.
Knowing this truth is absolute and every one of us should strive to know this truth.

There are flow diagrams throughout the book helps us to understand these complex spiritual concepts.

You are Love.

You have all the strengths within you.

You are the Light.

Go and Spread this Light and Illuminate this world.

Wonderful Read,Highly Recommended!

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