Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Visualize and Receive

The Power of Visualization
By Sri Vishwanath

"He Conquers all who conquers self" - Ancient seers

On seeing the title,i thought this book is another Law of Attraction Visualization stuff.
But this Art of Visualization is about 'Effortless meditation'.

This little book explores the root of that ONE Truth which is absolute.
This Truth is obvious and it can be revealed in an instant.
It can't subject to change.
Meditation can help you to know this Truth.

You can become only what you already are.
Meditation helps you to realise what you already know.
The story about the Lion in the herd of sheep,is eye opening.

What we see outside is the reflection of our mind.
Meditation helps the seed within you to grow into a tree.
Whatever you are seeking is within you,it is seeking you,meditate upon it to receive it.

Meditation is a state of being.
It is not an activity or exercise.
It is like breathing.
It brings supreme alertness.
You will feel connected to all living and non-living of this universe once you attained this alertness.

There are 3 Instruments of Knowledge:

Meditation helps you to achieve the inspiration.

That one thing from which everything manifests is the Purusha(SOUL)
and it can be realised only at the alert state.
Tis alert state leads you to realise the purusha within you.
Meditation helps you to achieve this state of being alert.

There are life changing visualization exercises at the end of this little book.
Don't just read this book,do the exercises.
The exercise to get rid of your most pressing problem,is very simple but profound.

It is a great read and I highly recommend this book!

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