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How to merge with Divine?

The Secret Yoga of Krishna & His Idea of Heaven

By Sri Vishwanath

Krishna,the Avatar,sheds light on many mystical concepts of spirituality.
This book expalins in detail what happens after our death and the Yoga of Transcendence.
These are eternal truths not just confined to Hinduism.
Be Open minded when you grasp these truths.

There is only one ruler of the universe and that is God.He doesn't have any beginning or ending.

Secret yoga:

By increasing the vibration of your mind to a higer state,you can become Inspired
and you can solve any of your problem.
It is called Heightened Awareness.

Two things will help you to transcend all the constituents and reach directly to abode of the god:
Confining the mind to heart and Life force in the crown.
By doing this with proper intentions,you can merge with divine.
Every person will effortlessly can attain this one day,so begin it today.

4 Ways to reach the abode of Krishna:

1.Overcome flaws of attachment.
2.Master the spiritual laws
3.Free from Lust.
4.Train your mind to be fixed in heart.
These 4 form the Yoga of Transcendence.

Life after Death&Heaven:

There can be two paths after our death:
1.You can merge with the supreme.
2.You can go to Lunar Sphere or heaven,enjoy your stay for sometime and again come back to earth.

There are 4 parallel worlds out there:
1.Earth Sphere
2.Lunar Sphere or Heaven
3.Electric Sphere
4.Brahma Lok(Sphere)

Brahma Loka is the only deathless place and there is no birth,death in Brahma Lok.
The 1st three spheres are finite in time and succumb to destruction.
It never perishes even if the other 3 worlds perish.

We learn the 3 rules of game in Life and 3 Agents of Change.

Law of Karma: Actions which can nullfy or offset your past actions.

You can't create any fresh karma in Heaven.So Earth is very important to achieve everything.

There are Gods in Heaven who are assigned to take care of earth.

Humans can go to heaven,spend sometime and come back to earth.

There is the world of ancestors,a part of Heaven where we can meet our ancestors.
Then there is elemental world,which is demonic in nature.

Jiva,the individual soul can unite with the Purusha,the universal soul.
Once it unites with the purusha,Jiva loses its perception and it won't return back to earth.

If you train yourself to attain the Yoga of Transcendence,the agents of change won't affect you.
Then,no need for rebirth and acquire more bodies.
You won't feel terrified of death once you know that you have died millions of times earlier.

Rebirth or reincarnation is a law not just a belief.
After many rebirths,the individual soul attains perfection by knowing that krishna is all.

There are Life Changing,wonderful exercises at the end of this book.

Read again and again to grasp these truths.I read several times for writing this review.

If you want to know the great truths about Life and after life,this is the right book!

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Horseman said...

thanks for leading me to a world of oneness and wellness,
thank you Mr.Kannan
with gratitude

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