Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pearls of Wisdom

47 Mental triggers that make you feel great

by Sri Vishwanath

Pearls of Wisdom

It is a small book of Inspiring quotes with beautiful pictures.
These words of wisdom is not just for a quick read but to read again and again,to immerse in the truth.

There are quotes about:

our Life journey
self responsibility
Will Power

John Harricharan's quote helps us to remember our Light.
The quote of Dalai Lama shows us the root of our failure.
Sri Vishwanath's quote helps us to remember that we are complete already.
Another quote reveals us one of the profound truth.

Virginia wolf teach us about life.
Anita Bergen advising us to balance in life.
Helen Keller's famous words talks about tremendous opportunity we have here.

We are always growing when we get a 'No' for answer.

Intuition,our inner voice,helps us to know ourself better and guides us.
Boldness and courage to be who we really are,have genius within it.

We have to face our fears in its face for our growth.

Richard Bach conveys us that everything is happening for good.

Swami Vivekananda emphasizes on character to be successful in life.

Emmet Fox's words about Love brings Tears.

This book helps us to ponder the great truths.Save it on your desktop and read it daily.

It is a great little book for gifting!

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Horseman said...

Beloved Kannanji
thank you for your kindness in updating kindle free book,i am really thankful for you for your Empathy to people who takes a voyage to be with this awesome blog of yours.
keep coming and bless one and all
with grace and gratitude

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