Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Let It Go

The power that moves your will

By Sri Vishwanath

This little book by Vishwanath talks about the baggage we are all carrying.
It gives you the secret to get rid off this.

There are 3 parts in this book.

Free Will:

what is will power?
Reaction to the events occurring, is will power.
What is the secret to attain a free will?
Focus on your will to be free.
Focus on your soul,which is free.

Law of Invisible Baggage:

We are all carrying luggages in our life,good and bad,based on our intentions and impressions.
Knowledge is aquired out of experiences.
Ignorance is nothing but no prior experience to refer.

Human nature is nothing but fund of experiences.
Destiny is nothing but the riped experiences we carry when we began our journey.

Our current personality is not our limitation.

Magic of the Field:

I love this part of the book.

This world is a Theater and our Life is a movie.

We are all playing characters based on our baggages.

The script of life we are playing is nothing but our baggage.

wow,the analogy between movie and life, is mind boggling.

Such a complex spiritual truth in a simple example,hats off Vishwanath.

If we want to change our script,Learn to Enjoy our role now and start scripting a new movie.

We already have a higher field.

Learn to connect with this magical field.

When we are in touch with this unlimited field,we can get rid of our baggages and start to script a new movie of our


Enjoy your new movie!Happy Scripting!

This little book carries a great secret.I highly recommend this book.

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