Saturday, May 12, 2012

Start small and stay hopeful

Begin with Yes

by P A U L S . B O Y N T O N

Begin with YES is a book about Positive Actions.
It is narrated in a conversation style,Q&A mode.
The best time to start is NOW.
It is about many small yeses.

This concept is close to YES!Energy by Loral Langemeier.
Her famous saying is: 'Say YES and figure it how'.

One of the finest example of Begin with Yes is the story of Mark Schoenfeld, the Broadway composer.
Taking action,even if it is small is the besis for success.
Momentum gives you the energy to move forward.
Saying Yes instead of No opens up new possibilities.
It doesn't mean that we have to say Yes to everything but which makes more sense to you.
Sometimes,you say yes based on your shift in perspective.
Even if you have to make stories for saying yes,make it as the outcome is good.

Focus more on your power than your negatives.
Choose your words carefully as they create your reality.
When you start begin with yes as a way of being,you will find your power switch.
You will find your power when you take actions not the other way around.
Power and Optimism attract and generate more power,optimism.
As you move into your yes direction,there may be shifts in your life and people you associate with.
Begin with Yes not only for problems but for opportunities too.

Dealing with your fear is to begin with yes and take some simple steps inspite of your fear.
When you help others,there will be helping hands for you.

Here is one of the practical application of Begin with Yes:

When you are feeling down or have a bad day,do what you love like eating Ice Cream.
be with positive people.
Ask empowering questions.
Take action.

Another exercise:

Take a sheet of paper and write down your list of goals on one half of the paper.
write down the action steps you would take to make your goals come true on the other half of the sheet.
This is a simple one but powerful.

When you adapt begin with yes as a life style,you will become more happier and optimistic.

It is a great little book and I highly recommend!

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