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Know Thyself

“He conquers all who conquers the Self. Know this and never yield” - message of the vedas.
Mediatation helps you to conquer the self.

There are 4 parts to this book.


Consciousness is the knowing the truth that your thoughts will affect your future.
A Single thought can change ourselves and others.
The exercise of mental flight is very practical and simple to get rid of any of your pressing issues.
Play like exercise to get rid of the past and live in the present is powerful one.


May your Light lights up the whole world. - Vedas

Wisdom,Love,purity,sacrifice,unselfishness - Qualities of God.
You can become god like by having the qualities of God.
Your current circumstances doesn't refelect your true self.
Expand your consciousness and you can love the entire humanity.


Meditation reveals your true nature.
You meditate because you know.
You can become only someone which you already are.
You are already complete in nature.
Meditation helps you reminds your god like qualities.
Everything you seek are already within you,Money,Love.etc.
What we outside is a reflection of our innate mind.

Truth can't subject to change.
Meditation is a force,it is a state of being.
It provides us the supreme alertness.
Meditation is not an activity or exercise.

The 3 instruments of knowledge:

Inspiration is a way of Life.

We have to indulge in activities which helps us to stay alert.
We need to do the preferable instead of pleasurable.

That one thing is the Purusha(Soul),the ultimate truth which is dwelling in each one of us.
Mediatation helps us to find this one thing.

Story of Nachiketa:

Chapter 4 of the book narrates the story of Nachiketa who conquered death.
When he met the king of death 'Yama',he asked for 3 boons.
The 3rd boon he asked was the secret everyone curious to know,what is happening after death.

Initially, Yama was very resistant as he never shared this secret with anyone.
But as Nachiketa insisted,he went on to explain the secret.
He explained about the Prakarti(cosmic intelligence) and the properties of 'I Consciousness(Pravartti)'.
He went on to explain the concept of Time.
He was telling Nachiketa about Purusha(God or Soul) which is eternal and Timeless.

Through Yama's words,we are getting to know about 'the Cycle of the Universe'.

The short stories are really eye opening,especially the Sage who meets the Housewife and the Butcher.

The explanation about 'The Law of Karma - the law of cause and effect is simple and excellent'.

Then comes the Law of Non-Attachment which conveys the words of Bhagavan Krishna,
who said 'Do your work and don't expect the fruits'.

There are wonderful exercises teaching you to meditate and to know that one thing.

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Horseman said...

thanks kanna,
it is really awesome
i did thank mr.vishwanath, he is compassionate to respond to me
i did download this book kindle free
but rest is expensive to indian standard of life

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