Friday, May 18, 2012

You are Atman

Krishna talks about inspired work

by Sri Vishwanath

"The Last step in moving upwards is to realise that we are the ONE,the Atman(SOUL)" - Swami Vivekananda

When I read this little book first time,
I am little hesitant to write the review as the subject is really complex spiritual message.
Then,I read again,have the courage to write this.

It has two parts,one the Author's Life experience and Krishna's Karma Yoga.

Vish narrates his personal crisis and how he came out of it successfully by practicing his daily silence.

Law of Karma - Whatever you sow,you shall reap.
Destiny - Unseen expressions waiting to express itself as events.

How to get rid of the struggles we have:

Know thyself more by raising the vibration of your mind.
Work on your personality.Enter into your divine personality.

With our day to day activities,we gain deep, subtle impressions.
These impressions are waiting to express themselves as events,may be pleasurable or painful.
Acknowledge these impressions.
When you go deep within you,raise your mind to a higher vibration,
you can explore and experience these impressions.
Once you become the experiencer of the Impressions,you are free from all problems.
You become the Divine personality.
You become the master of the Yoga of detachment.
There is a beautiful exercise within the book which helps you to go deep within.

4 Paths to lead a grand Living by Krishna:
1.Jnana Yoga - Knowledge
2.Karma yoga - work
3.Bhakti Yoga - devotion
4.Raja Yoga - meditation

Krishna's Yoga is raising the vibration of the mind and operates at superior level.

The story at the end reveals that Krishna is the death and He is the origin.
Where the yogin krishna is there the warrior Arjun is.

It is a beautiful little book reveals us how to get rid of our problems and it reveals the secret of Karma Yoga.
Highly Recommended!

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