Monday, May 28, 2012

Divine Love

Krishna talks about inspired Love

by sri vishwanath

Divine Love

This book talks about the secret of Bhakti Yoga.

Bhakti yoga means attaining enlightment through devotion to the God or the Universe.

Here the Author is not talking about the human love,he is talking about the Divine Love which is unlimited.

It is the Love expressed by Jesus.

This Love is pure.

This love is not limited only for humans,but for all creatures in this world.

Spirit to spirit,heart to heart is the language of Love.

The whole universe rests in us.

All Love is within us.

Whatever we are searching is within each one of us.

All the creation is the projection of that one thing(God,Universe,cosmic intelligence).

That one thing exists without form and with form.

It manifests in every moment and in every being.

The Greatest secret to go back to the source is Love.

We are all spiritual beings in human form.

The force of goodness is our real identity.

Love can only be distributed,it can't be acquired.

Love knows no shop keeping.
Love knows no fear of Death.The story of Savitri describes this secret of Love.
Love knows no secret.

There is no power greater than the power to love that one thing.

When you become the language of Love,You will merge into the source.

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