Sunday, April 29, 2012


Who is GOD?
Is he in human form?
Is he a male or female?
This little book explores the word - GOD
Lot of comments in this book will shake some of your beliefs,Be ready for it.
It helps you to do soul search.

In my Opinion,God is Omnipotent.
God is Omnipresent.
God is an Infinite being.
God is formless,Timeless.
God doesn't have a beginning or end.
God doesn't bound by Time.
God doesn't have any emotions.
He is not bound to any religion.
God is the supreme intelligence.

All women are god and all men are worshippers of God.

Who are Krishna,Buddha,Christ,Allah?.They are messengers of God.
They have the qualities of God,Love,Purity,Compassion,forgiveness,sacrifice.
When you worship these messengers, you are worshipping the same qualities within you.
We have divinity within every one of us.We need to know God through ourselves.

Recognize the divinity within you(knowing yourself),Cultivate these godly qualities within you.
Share the love with others.
You too become God.

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