Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Love ALL

Breaking the 7 Rules of Love

By Sri Vishwanath

In this little book,The Author celebrates Love.

This is Lovelogy.

It is universal Love.It is Divine Love.

How do you feel complete? Love is the feeling of Completeness.

We are all born with Love,we forget in our daily grind.

There is no greater philosophy than Love.Love is the only philosophy.

Have an attitude of Love.There is no greater virtue than Love in this world.

Love starts at Home.Create a Lovely atmosphere at Home.
Raise the energy of the Home with Love.
Spend quality Time together instead of quantity time.

Pure Love can heal a relationship.

Every human being is beautiful,only Anger makes us ugly.

Love the world.Share your gifts.By giving,you are receiving more.
Give more Love away,You will receive love in abundance.

Follow Love wherever you go.
Add Love in whatever you do.

Love in Action: Fogive yourself and others too.

The Language of Love is silence.

Love is the only way.

Spread the Love.This is a great read!

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