Tuesday, May 29, 2012

No Beginning, No End

How GOD Manifested the Universe?

by sri vishwanath

No Beginning, No End

This book is the creation process of the Universe explained by Krishna to Arjuna in Bhagavad Gita.

As per krishna,Creation is a projection of which already existed.
To understand the creation of universe,we need to understand the Law of Cycles.
All of creation follows a cycle.

Creation is nothing but the combination of two parts: which doesn't subject to change
and addition of which subjects to change.

Anything subjects to change can't be the source of creation.

Purusha is the source of all the creation.It is the One Thing.
It doesn't have any beginning and end.
It neither can be destroyed nor be acted upon.
It has independant existence.It has an absolute existence.
It is the source of all Intelligence.

Creation is a Law,not an event.

Idea of the universe has no beginning and no end.
Creation doesn't have any beggining.Beginning means the beginning of a new cycle of creation.

Purusha which existed before all,manifested a desire which is cosmic intelligence(Prakarti),then creation began.

Everything has to go back to the source and this is one life cycle of the universe.

Author explains the secrets of Time and the science of perfect timing called 'Panchang'.

The analogy to making of pizza is nice one.

Sound is the beginning of all creation.

The book ends with the explanation of the divine mantra 'Gayathri Mantra'.

Wow,It is amazing to know about the creation of this universe.

It is an interesting read and highly recommended.

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