Sunday, May 20, 2012

To Seek and Not to Yield

Intuition - Under the Tamarind Tree
by John Harricharan

This little book is a collection of quotations by John Harricharan.

'keep on Keeping on' - John Harricharan

What a wonderful foreword by Heather o Hara,awesome!

A superb introduction by John,a master's touch.

some of the quotes I like most(my own shortened version):

God is never late.

All the roads lead home.

Life is the burning.

World has not changed but I did.A new world is born.

Listen to the song of your soul.

Be Thankful for life.

You are a beautiful child of the universe.

You are bigger than your problems.

Creation starts in your mind.

We are more than human.

Let it go!

We are the editors of our life.

You are both the Teacher and the Student.

Take action,take the first step on today.

Follow the flow.

Know that what you are seeking is seeking you.

Solutions are inside.

Never give up.

When the student is ready,Master will appear.

Meditation is the key to open the door of the soul.

Heaven and hell is within you.

Respond,don't react.

Find your 'pot of Oil' and Do it.

Those of us from the same family meet often. - That is why I am writing these reviews.

All beautiful and peaceful things to be shared. - That is why I am sharing this book with pearls of wisdom.

A great book of Inspiration and I highly Recommend!

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Horseman said...

Beloved Kanna
thanks for this book, i just had the glimpse of this book through your view,thanks for guiding your blog is a cosmic dance, if one cares to understand and assimilate in every nano cell.

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