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Eternal Truths

The Power of the Vedas

By Sri vishwanath

"Love,Lover and the Beloved are One" - Swami Vivekanandha

This book speaks the eternal truth described in Vedas.

Vedas are the scriptures by Indian sages talks about eternal truths, dated way back Jesus,Buddha,Krishna.

There are 3 parts in this book:

Freedom to Know
Freedom to Love
Freedom to work

Chapter1: Freedom to Know

Evolution is the process of life.
We humans should evolve inward.

The concept of evolution was discovered by an Indian sage by name Kapila,dates back to 7th century B.C before christian


A Wonderful secret to free from all our problems: Take Mental Flight
You have to know your potential to take this mental flight.

A superior Intelligence is there which is responsible for this creation.
We can call it by many names like God, Universe, Cosmic Intelligence.
Author is calling it as 'The One Thing'.
This infinite intelligence is present in all forms of creation.
It has no bennings and no endings.
It can't be destroyed.It is not subject to change.
All of creation follows a cycle.

How do one gets knowledge?Knowledge comes out of experience.
Every experience leaves an impression in the mind.

The analogy of computers to Human with regards to the transfer of impressions from one life to another life is

We are learning why this transfer is happening.

All the world religions are various ways to express that one thing.
All religious scriptures are expression of idea of God.
None has authority over the truth.

Our aim in this life should be to become God like and to merge with that one thing.
We can become god like by acquiring the god like characters,Love,Compassion,Wisdom,Unselfishness,sacrifice,Power.

There are life chaning exercises at the end of the chapter1.

Chapter2: Freedom to Love

The whole universe is residing in you.
Author is not talking about the human love.
This Love is not bound by your body and mind.
He talks about the eternal love,which were expressed by the God like figures like Jesus,Biddha,Krishna,Mohammed.

Religion is the realization of the spirit by the spirit.
All the creation is nothing but the projection of that one thing,you can call it God,Universe,Cosmic Intelligence.

That one thing exists both in form and without form.
That one thing is all Love.
We are spiritual beings in human form in this world.
All Love is within us.
All light is within us.
The force of goodness is our real identity.

Spirit to spirit,heart to heart is the language of Love.
Love can be only distributed.

Love knows no shop keeping.
Love doesn't have fear of death.
Love knows no secret.

The story of Savitri is one of awesome examples of the power of Love.

One of the exercises to find your loved one is very powerful.

The story of a wise man who spread love and light inspires us.

Chapter3: Freedom to Work

We are all free to work.

This chapter talks about the journey of Shiva in search of a precious stone which fulfill all his wishes.
We are getting very valuable life lessons from the Monk in the story.

The work, author talking about, is similar to Krishna's words: Do your duty and don't expect the fruits.

Hats off to Vishwanath for giving the eternal truths in a simple language.

This book is full of ancient wisdom and Highly recommended!

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