Sunday, May 20, 2012

Whisper of the Soul

Live long and prosper
by John Harricharan

This little book contains two of John Harricharan's articles.

Life is always filled with problems.
We are so overwhelmed with these day to day problems,we are not focusing on solutions.
The first article offers solution for this.
He reminds us that we are bigger than our problems.We are unique.
He advises us to within and listen to the 'whisper of the soul'.
When we come out of this silent time with ourselves, the solution will come to us.

We are bombarded with Information in this age of Information.
Information won't help us.
Application of this knowledge from this information only can save us.
Nothing will drop into your lap just my visualization.
The second article urges us to 'Take Action'.
Even if it is a small step,we have to start to keep the momentum.
He explains it using his personal experience.

It is sweet little book contains timeless wisdom.
Thanks John for this book.

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