Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Your Right to be Rich

Here is the summary of Chris Howard's call at:youwealthrevolution

"You are your wealth" - Robert Allen
"Champions are made in Training"
"knowledge set us free"
Wealth Creation ideas:
single mindedness of purpose - Napoleon Hill
Life is like a snowball - warren buffet
You can leaverage your tipping points
Removing your blocks:
Whatever you are seeing in the world is the reflection of your programming
Change yourself to change your bank account
When you are facing a problem,whether you shrink as small or listen your way up?
Man's search is for meaning - Victor Frankl
What would be the lasting impact you can make in this world?
if you a purpose bigger,the barriers will dissolve
Tool: Put your goals in the future
Mighty goals are meant to occur
Listening to Chris Howard at:
simple exercise:
Write down what do you want in 30 days
visualize the snapshot of the final outcome
step inside the picture or goal
look through your eyes
make the picture more colourful
feel the feelings in the body
increase the intensity of the feeling
step out of the picture,Raise above and look the picture
Drop down the picture when you want it to occur in the stream of time
Right back to the now!
Take whatever life throws at you and take it as a gift
Life and Business are processes with challenges
Polish yourself,Start thinking bigger
Learn the skills,Loose yourself in the action
All the unseen things will start to unfold when you are in motion
How can we balance our purpose and day to day financial commitment? - by Kannan Viswagandhi
Chris Howard: Mindstorming,ask a question of what do you want,add the word "easily" to that question,come

up with all the possible solutions,be creative
Darius: Ask yourself the question before going to bed,wake up and get the answer
It is a mind blowing call!
Chris is wonderful,awesome!
Thanks Darius,Chris.
Keep getting up always!
Listen to Chris Howard at: youwealthrevolution
Chris Howard's offer: Chris Howard special offer

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