Thursday, November 11, 2010

Turn Passion into Profits

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1.9 million homeless children in U.S,can you believe it?
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Process to find out passion:
write down 5 things you love to do more than anything to do and don't worry at all whether you are making money doing those
do all day long,hrs fly by,talk abt it non-stop,you do without pay
look at the list,1 of those 5 things bounce of from the page
That is your passion

no recession when you are doing your passion

Hurdles stop us:
1.Stop us to go from current reality to Dream reality : FEAR
we live in 3 thirds,1st stage- indocternation 2nd stage- Detoxify
3rd stage- Enlightment
don't stay only in head,stay in your heart
Journey into your heart is the wonderful journey
emotional self awareness is very important(self healing)
Action eliminates Fear
Lack of belief leads to fear
2.Lack of Time and Money
3.I don't know How

You need Mindset,Tools,Blueprint to turn your passion into Monetization
Turn passion into online business

Process in a nutshell to turn your passion into business:
1.Build a website or a Blog(by the way,visit mine:
To Help in Self Improvement)
2.Create a community with other people who are having the same passion,create a Database,create a subscribers list,create a joint venture,use social media
"create,don't compete"
Ask the people: How can I support you?
3.Create great content out there into the world and monetize by creating your own products and services
Become an affiliate marketers,sell other people products,sell advertisements

when we are in alignment,we are creating a vibration
Be sure of what you are passionate about
start to put out
You are your own wealth
we are all enlighted
we need to raise the whole world's consciousness
The world needs your LIGHT
Life is like juggling
1.Crystal balls 2.Rubber balls
most of things in life are rubber balls,no harm
"Main thing in life is to keep the main thing as main thing" - Stepehn Covey
we have 3 to 5 crystal balls

Crystal Ball Exercise:
write down what are the crystal balls in your life(most important things in your life)
My Crystal Balls are:
3.Self esteem
5.Financial freedom
make a commitment not to drop your crystal ball at any point of your life

Positive affirmation is just a bandaid
Go to the core of you and live a whole life

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When your close family doesn't support your passion:
Have a SO WHAT? attitude on your passion
Think that you don't have any choice
Follow your fire in you
People truly loves you,will support you

Take Action
Make it happen by going with someone who are having the same passion
your duty to put out your calling
Exchange of money for what you are doing is fair enough
you can't continue with balanced state what you are doing without money
Get a free ebook,Monetize your Passion by Rich German at:
Free ebook
you are the best people
Take action
you are going to have amazing stories
"Bigger the brealdown,bigger the breakthrough" - Rich German

Why we do what we do:
1.make money
2.make a name
3.make an impact
if you are committed to make an impact,everything will follow
Wealth is not money,wealth is everything i learned,wealth is my experience
wonderful call!
Thanks Darius,Rich
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