Monday, November 15, 2010

Tessera Method

Yesterday(11/15) I Listened to Adam King on
The Tessera Method at:

YouWealth: If you can't benefit by yourself,you can't benefit others
creating a lifestyle which can serve others,create value for others

single piece of mosaic - Tessera
Moving past all the constraints we have,is Tessera
you are not part of the world,you are the world
The Flaw of self development programs-we are just learning,not experiencing,which produces the resistance
Breakthrough - To Be in the moment

Jonathan on 2 forms within us:
1.Elephant -Emotional
Rider gets exhausted because of Elephant,which is emotional
survival code
ANP - Automatic Negatice Processing gets kicked off
The only way out of ANP:
To prove to the elephant,the validity,emotionally
produce more emotional power

Core Constraints:
Environmental Resistance(We Think what want,Once you logically go through that,emotional or survival side predicting negativity,reaching to comfort zone again)
Non-Duality- It allows us to take the attention away from us
Understand the validity and have a breakthrough
Puts the logic back in the seat with the validity
strategic alturism
If we focus on body,we are trapped,once we get out of the body,we know that we are more than our body
Duality is a gift
Don't run away from the body,accept it,show it to come to a conclusion with validity

When you meet someone,your intuition(Gut Check) tells you 100% of who he/she is,but within moments your logic gets in between
Solution is Alturism
All the things are not in you,but in others
Stimulate - It stimulates
Simulation - Take the best part of myself and create simulation,as we produce everything
Gap Theory - What is going to happen next.It forces you to use frontal lobe of brain,working memory as mind can think of onething at a time

Gestalt - Feel whatever is at the moment,You know your thought pattern
you are questioning yourself,stepping back
eg.walking into the grocery store,look into everything,other people,then come back to your awareness,watch your hands
There is no separation,key is to become aware of the separation

1.Survival code: Act of logic coming into false conclusion,putting body 1st,spirit second
6.Act of depending ourseves even if we don't know about it
7."we do what other people think,they believe we should do"
8.fundamental attribution error - we internalise others fault,we externalise our fault
9.Environmental Resistance

Tessera Brings out the survival code from yourself
Tessera helps Break the old synaptic connections and creating new ones
Experiencing it instead of just read it or learn it
You are totally aware of what you want
You can change the environment if you interact with the environment
To change the environment in the real world

1.we focus more on problems
2.It is our perspective

"We create our own suffering"
"Become the person what other people looking for"
Adam's message: "A Shift in perspective will cure everything"

It is tough to summarize this call,i tried my best.

Wonderful Call!
Thanks Darius,Adam for this call!
Adam Kings' Special Offer:

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