Friday, November 19, 2010

Claim your purpose

Listen to BAETH DAVIS on
Hand Analysis: Claim Your Life Purpose and Get Paid for your Passion
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Discovering and expressing your gifts and talents
Self Realized person is Youwealth
A Place of Transcendance
Service and Contribution
Finding the purpose
Don't be negative,critical,Self Love
What is that you are here
To be fully enjoying our moments
Expressing Gratitude for everything we have
When you help as many people,you will become wealthy

when we are not living our passion,we are not blossoming
There is no limit for ideas
That is a greatest gift

Motivational factors for people:
feeling autonomous
sense of purpose

Hand Reading is very familiar in india
My Grandfather used to read our hands
There are roots for your health,wealth,marriage or Relationships,how long you live
sometimes past life also,some powerful hand readers
someone who is having a chakra,no hand reader will read his/her hand

My 3 pivotal moments:
1.Having a great family
3.When my father,father-in-law,mother-in-law passed within two years

Hand Reading is a science
It is provable,learnable,teachable

"Your results are what you are not be able to tolerate" - Satyen Raja

There is a Great power in determining your standards are
The Answer to Money is to get some Money
You have to really want
You have to make a decision to live your purpose
when you follow your inner guidance,there is certainity

Tips to turn on inner guidance:
To begin to question everything you think,wheather it is true
Uncover your belief system

we are taught to have a low self esteem
Write about your thoughts
write about why you believe that,where is it come from
In this economy,we have to give to get,you have to create
Everything evolves
we can be no longer children expecting others to take care of us
We are not in this planet earth to pay bills - wonderful!
There is no system
We are the systems
It is external belief system
You shouldn't be swayed by advertisements
you have to take up your power
you have to take 100% responsibility for your life
Decide to take 100% Responsibility for your thoughts,feelings,actions
I am here for a broader vision,higher purpose

Turn passion into profit:
you have to start with mission and purpose first
you should have self confidence,Self esteem

My Legacy in this world will be:
I will leave couple of Hospitals(Cardiology,Diabetes speciality)
I will leave a Old Age Home(for blind and Aged Orphans)
I will leave an Educational Foundation(To pay for under privileged,bright students,from villages)
I will leave a business serving a greater community of people
I want to be remembered as a good person who helped this world to be an inch better

Finding your passion:
write 3 habits you love
what are the things you love and you won't notice time
if you did know your purose,what would you do now?
Find your mission

I am going to be the best person to be

Baeth's Message:
We incarnated in this earth for a purpose
If you are willingness to ask,you are courageous to pursue,you can find your purpose
surrender and have faith,truly ask for higher power for guidance
Start listen to clues and act upon them
Awakening doesn't come in a flash
open to people with different skills
Change something what you are doing in order to grow
self Realization
Take care of yourself first
you will find your purpose

It is an incredible call!
Thanks BAETH DAVIS,Darius!
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