Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Healing Codes

Listen to Dr.Alex Loyd
on The Healing Codes: How to Overcome Sabotaging Behavior
at :

Healing code helps to releive Physical,Non-Physical problems
Daily we can do 1 a day,6 minutes
There are healing codes for: Throid,liver,gall bladder,anxiety,depression
It is for relieving underlying block

The root cause of physical system problem is emotion
what causes the emotion
underlying programming causes everything

soloman wrote guard your heart from everything
From the Heart flows everything
Any issues you have comes from the heart
The Research says all the illness come from cellular memeory
Dr.Bruce Lipton - stress,long belief,comes from programming
Another research - destructive cellular memory
Cellular Memory - It is another memory

before age of 6,we live in delta wave frequency
when something happens at that young age,it will be programmed in our memory without any filter
Healing code neutralise which is never true,the falsehood
Each of this memory are like radio station
fear,anger,self worth issue,unforgiveness have more powerful than the good ones
they are broadcasting to every cell,to hyphothalamus of our brain
Healing code is a simple mechanism,found in 2001
It neutralises the negative frequency and turn the stress switch off

when you heal the underlying programming,the stress goes away
june 2004,healing codes was released
Dr.Ben Johnson,a mediical doctor, diagnosed with ALS,tried healing codes,less than 6 weeks,he is symptom free
after 6 years,still,symptom free

Dr.Alex healed herrnea using healing codes,migration head aches,aging
You can use it on anything
what is bothering me than anything else?start with that

Types of cellular memories:
memory when we are aged less than 4years old
memory from generation
memories absorbed from others
memories we imagine

95% of the illness caused by stress - Dr.Lipton
Rest of the 5% is genetic,because of genetic ancestory

Dr.Alex Loyd's Message:
3 things:
1.It is not your fault
2.The solution is not trying hard
3.you can get wherever you want from wherever you are now

"you are not your history"
out of love and knowing,everything expands
we can hold more love,more possibilities
we need to heal within,release and let go
(successful people)The difference is - youwealth
It is the ability to turn on inside of their innate power
world salvation remains in youwealth

Amazing call!
Thanks Darius,Alex!
Dr.Alex Loyd's special offer:
Dr.Alex Loyd's special offer

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