Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Winning the Inner Game of Business

Today My favorite Transformation Leader JOHN ASSARAF on
Winning the Inner Game of Business
at: www.youwealthrevolution.com/now

YouWealth -
We can never outperform our self image
Life has purpose and meaning
we are not hard wired
we are making connections every moment
Thought pattern and environment can alter our DNA
We can retrain our brain to become more successful
There is a way to access the brain to make the ncessary adjustment in the belief system,by the technology of today
John's experiences:
1.Set written goals in every area of life very specifically - guided by Alan Brown
2.Practiced daily Affirmations,Gratitude,Meditation,Visualization - to alter the self Image
Other than gathering information,something must change today to see the difference in our lives
After research and inner game,the sales of real estate went up, by the sales people in his company
It has to start with retraining our brain
Neuro Sciences - neuro genesis,neuro plasticity
to change our behaviour,beliefs
IQ is one of the ways of measuring the success
There are specific behaviours in business to become successful,need not depend on smartness
pattern of thinking
predictable behavioural pattern
once we think in a certain way,behave in certain way
Habit is created
98% are habitual
Conscious decision on what you want to achieve,goals,dreams,visions - 2%
Present day conditioning,self Image at subconscious level- 98%
If you want to change your life,you have to change the self image in the subconscious level
Explicit memory system in brain- declarative
Implicit memory systems in brain- non-declarative
If you want a different life,you have to change the procedural part of the brain
I am deserving more,I am destined to become more
we are made up of energy
we are in need of change and evolve naturally
but we resist the change
we need to recalibrate our internal thermostat
That is called the winning the inner game
ANT - Automatic Negative Thinking
pattern,neuro circuit makes you to feel insecure

The Process:
1.I am good enough
By creating a right language patterns(Affirmations),in Alpha wave frequency,our brain starts to create new neural patterns
2.Start visualize like a holywood actor/actress on whatever you want
repeat the same with eyes closed in alpha frequency
you start to create new patterns in the brain

you aren't your brain,you aren't your thinking
your spiritual side can guide you retrain the brain
Hypnosis is an excellent way to access the subconscious mind
In a relaxed state,suggestions through repetition,you start to overwrite the old neuro circuit in your brain
Through guided visulization,we can change the beliefs
it can be guided,self,through technology
NLP,EMDR,EFT,Subliminal messaging- all will help
upto 9 levels,we can install programming in our brain
brain entrainment technology
penetrates implicit part of the brain and change the old beliefs
John Assaraf's special offer: www.youwealthrevolution.com/john
Everything is energy
Everything vibrates at a certain frequency
feeling is a word we use to tell us about the vibration
we are picking up energy from the entire cosmos
entanglement - we are all entangled
Intuition and gut feeling is the same
money is never a problem
the vibration you are not in,strategies are the problem
we have to look into the seed of the problem
John Assaraf's special offer: www.youwealthrevolution.com/john
This technology can be used by non-business users also
John Assaraf's special offer: www.youwealthrevolution.com/john
No need for money to start any business
somebody is doing their passion as business
There are many people ready to invest
ways to get people:
ways to get money:
untrained mind doesn't know how to do it
Be better at delegating
John Assaraf's special offer: www.youwealthrevolution.com/john
when you change the way you look,everything will change
we set our own value
money is an idea
light being money
are you sharing the light of yours
are you interested or committed to achieving your life's dream and goals(eg.become a millionaire)
interested - you do whatever convenient for you
committed - you do whatever it takes
Thanks Darius,John for this amazing call!
Listen to John at: Listen to John
John Assaraf's special offer: www.youwealthrevolution.com/john

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