Friday, November 19, 2010

Success Leaves Clues

Listen to ARMAND MORIN on
Success Leaves Traces
at: youwealthrevolution

Armond's story:
He was broke,his partner left him
He started his company with no money
That company went to make 1.8 million dollars in 10 months
He sold his company later for big money

No choice but succeed
Make big decisions
don't be comfortable
Keep moving,take action
Core Business - 90% what you love
Ancilliary Business - 10%

Simple Process to make money online:
Reading Books - make it a business
digital book revolution
60% of Amazon'sale is Digital
have books to sell
books with no copywrights in public domain
30000+ books
already in pdf or text format
find books,by search on
gutenburg project
top 100 books
let us take mark twain's adventures of huckleberry finn
find a html version the whole book on a single page
Highlight,copyand paste into a word document
Highlight the top& bottom section of disclaimer and delete them
We have a complete book in word document
Go to Amazon
Publish with us,choose kindle version
sign up for a free account at :
Put a price tag between $1 to $9 and publish the book
More number of books are good to earn a decent income
Even a child can do this.
If you don't want to do this,outsource this after making a document on the process of making books

Another Technique:
How to increase the odds for sales
Take a movie made on a public domain book like pride and prejudice,create a digital book
You will get a lot of free advertisements and people will search for the book online when the movie is out

Go to Google,advertise your site in Google Adwords
Go to google like "movies to be released in 2011,2012"
Place an ad in google on the books, for movies to be released,which are based on public domain

No need for knowledge or marketing

Take a topic like Yoga
wow,wonderful technique to make money! part of amazon,you can create a physical book quickly or create a home study course

This is what exactly my PASSION!
Now I got it through Armand and Darius!Thank you so much!

You don't need money to make money online
you don't need technical knowledge
It is a matter of knowing what you are looking for
Mini site design,mini site designer
Look into their profiles and hire them to outsource the work
What makes people not to succeed - It is not the skill,product
It is fighting the wrong battle
people feel suffice for what they have
Don't wait for the conditions to start something
Look for the end goals and then where we are now and start from the there
Lack of confidence makes you to fail
Take notice of smaller successes
Feel the successes
Don't compare the results of some guru
start with small
Recognize that we are not competing with anyone
Success Cycle - Results,Beliefs,Actions
Ask yourself: How can i change? and move towards a positive direction

Armand's thoughts on charity:
You may lose all you earn if you don't have a right midset for charity
You have to be a certain type of person to do the charity
If you are really interested in charity,without money,you will be doing it now
Once you reach a money level and not doing the charity,you sabotage yourself
You need a Certain way of thinking
You have to Take Action

5 steps of success:
1.Observation: Observe about the desired end result you want
2.Sequence your observations,put into order,have the steps
3.Amplification: How to make it better,bigger,find out the best way(may be harder)
4.Who? - who is going to the individual tasks,you need not to do all the tasks,Ask: if not me,who will do

the task
5.Timeline - Turn everything into a timeline,divide each task into smaller units and assign the time
Success can be learned
How can we help these people?

what people want:
1.Right Information or training
2.Ability to get the answers for personal questions
3.Support Group - Like minded group

"Success Leaves Traces!" - Armand Morin

If you know Time Management,you will have more time
Once you start procrastination,you can't stop
It is infectiouos
If we don't control our fears,fear will control us

"What is the Next Logical step?" - Armand's wisdom

People who succeed normally are not selfish people
make a decision,True decision


You are special
You are here for a reason
If any of the speakers can do,you can also do
Perseverence causes your true soul to come out
Chipping away the bud and invent the gold inside
Keep pulling off the layers till you get into your gold
What is the lesson,gold in any situation?
It is a journey
The more i put into my mind,the more possibilities
Nobody can away your golden truth,the golden ME!

This is the most incredible call!
This is very practical way to succeed - Mindset and Practical Steps
Thanks Armand and Darius!
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