Friday, November 12, 2010

Tapping into the Vibration of Abundance

Today on youwealthrevolution
Tapping Into the Vibration of Abundance!
Youwealth - Internal Abundance
It is a vibration.It is not just money.You can tune into vibration,you get abundance.
In the state of abundance and gratitude,you will attract more abundance.
Stop selling and start serving.When you are serving,you are in abundance.
It is inside of us.
Internal sense of abundance.
You can't get abundance if you feel poor internally.
Clear the static then you are connected to abundance inside

Basic LOA exercises:
Energetic Invitations
I love it when I am financially free
I love it when I am working from home
I love it when I am having more time with family
Thank you Universe for bringing me the abundance
Thank you Universe for bringing me a great Health
Thank you universe for bringing me Joy and Happiness Each and Everyday

If you have Congruence and Clarity,
LOA gives what you want

Think about someone who you don't like - NO
Think about someone you like,makes you happy-YES
favorite color- YES
Color you don't like - NO
Think about someone who you don't like - NO
Think about someone you like,makes you happy-YES

Postpone the mails,phone calls which makes you feel - NO
Address it afternoon or tomorrow
Just wait till it turn around to be YES
Acupunture is the root for EFT
There are Meridian points in our body
Using hands,you are clearing the energy blocks
Tapping helps you to change your energy
It puts you in resonance with all abundance and health
Beliefs are compulsive
Tapping helps You release the limiting beliefs

Tapping Process:
Name the problem-stress,overwhelm
measure the problem
Repeat the following:
Even though I have this problem
I accept myself anyway
Start with Karate chop point
sequential points:
Eye brow point
side of the eye
under the eye
upper lip,under nose
chin point
collar bone point
4inches below your armpit
top of the head
Measure the problem now

Target can be emotion,event
When you tell you the truth,you are in congruence,you are releasing the limiting blocks

Process to get to know the root of the block:
Ask the questions:
what is the downside of being successful?
I am afraid to be successful because ...
If i am successful they will what ...
what is the upside of being unsuccessful?
how does it serves me when i stay unsuccessful

We are all here to shine
EFT and Hypnotheraphy can be combined
EFT can help to cure Sleep Apnea
EFT can be used to resolve stress,depression
Please don't give up!

Thanks Darius,Carol for this wonderful call!
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Alana Uyema said...

I just started learning about tapping and EFT, incredible stuff!

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