Monday, November 15, 2010

Release Technique

Listen to LARRY CRANE on
Release Technique: How to Overcome Fear & Resistance
to Becoming Wealthy!
at : youwealthrevolution

YouWealth: Wealth is a concept in the mind
Subconcious beliefs hold you back to have the abundance you deserve
If you remove the negative thoughts and beliefs in your mind,you can cure yourself

Lester Levinson's secret: you have to get rid of your negative consciousness

Larry's questions:
1.What am i doing in this planet?
2.What is it life about?

3 aspects of Mind:
2.Auto Playback

"My Greatest Ability is to manage my Emotions" - Warren Buffett

when you have peace of mind,you are positive
Everything in this planet is energy

larry's Process of Releasing:
Measue the worries - 1 to 10
How did it help it?
say yes to the worry
say some more,say some more,say some more,say some even more
measure the worry now - dropped
You are pushing down the energy,it persists
welcome the worry,see it as energy
measure the worry - it dropped drastically
why would u resist worry when it is not useful
Let the worry go,allow it pass through
measure the worry - it will be zero
This process is a skill,you have to practice
The more you practice,the more you will get better at it

who is the boss? It is the feelings
Make a decision:
Approve that you are positive
Let you go and approve yourself
Approve yourself more ,more,more,more,more

What we do with our feelings:
1.we suppress feelings
2.we want to express ourselves the feelings
3.Try to escape the feelings

Let it go,be in the moment
All is perfect here
If you want to change something,it is positive
If you get rid of negativity,all remaining is positive
Life is a decision
It is your decision

Wow,This is awesome,so fundamental,basic!Profound wisdom coming from a master!

Emotional Intelligence is very important
All the worries are gone
Daniel Goldman - "people have EQ are more successful than with IQ"
When you are angry,you are not clear
Winners are always practicing
what do we want to do with Life
What do you put out there,you are getting back

I am getting the 'AHA' moment while hearing this call
This is the ROOT of all Self Development work!
This is the Real Secret!Treasure!
We are the Healers of our body!

When you try to change on something which can't be changed like death of loved ones,you are holding something Negative
All is perfect,All is LOVE

Sample no cost release technique:
Phone: 818-279-2438
M-F 9-5.30 PST

Only Important thing is HAPPINESS
Take all the blinders like anger,worry,fear
You will get a glimpse of who you are
You are the greatest
You will move into I can arena
Everybody is naturally Love,Happy
Peace of Mind is Quiet Mind
When you release more,you have more EQ
you can make better decisions
when you get rid of the negativity,you can have it all
All Goals are about being HAPPY
When you are Happy,That is positive energy
If you focus on positive,you are positive
Look inwardly
Happiness is always inside of you,ready there

It is a wonderful,Incredible,Amazing call!
Thanks Darius,Larry!
Watch for some examples
check out larry's website: Larry's website
Larry's special offer:
Larry's special offer
code: WR10

There is more to me than my past!
There is more to me than anyone says about you!
You are the master of your Life!
Most important purchase is when you are feeling your worthiness
That is where you get your Power
Who you are meant to be
Grab your Power,don't let it go!
You are the champion
Revolution starts with you
The economy is changed,You no longer look for job,You are going to look inward,decide what you are going to give
Increase your internal reserve,you can give more
Miracles can happen!

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