Monday, November 8, 2010

Ultimate Life Success Tips

The Ultimate Life Success Webinar by Mark Ling founder of Amazing Self:

Self Belief+Skillset = SUCCESS

Health Tips:
5 great ways to boose your energy level:

1.Increase your magnesium intake
eg.Almonds,cashew,whole grains,fish
2.Do a minimum of 10 mins of exercise everyday
3.Reduce your sugar intake(replace juice and coffee with water)
4.Take spirulina daily
5.Make sure you get a good amount of sleep and rest(short naps in day helps good)

5 Super foods to help you live longer:
2.Dark Leafy Greens(A,C,K,Fiber,Iron)
3.Grapes(Red Wine)
4.Cruciferous Vegetables - Broccolli,Cauliflower,Cabbage
5.Almonds - Eat in moderation

Tomatoes,Mushrooms,Green Tea,Whole Grains - Other Great Foods

4 Quick Fat Burning Tips:
1.Drink Oolong Tea
2.Eat Oats for Breakfast - contains Fiber helps in metabolism
3.Eat Lean Beef
4.Do 10 burpees a day,work your way for 5mins continuously

Affirmations : I love doing burpees and I do 5 minutes everyday
I dare to dream and constantly chase my dream

Relationship Tips:
5 secrets all men should know:
1.Live life with energy and keep having lots of fun(+ve energy)
2.Project your Masculinity(by having your goals and dreams that you are actively chasing)
3.Knows what he wants to do everyday and Actively Make decisions
4.Dress your best regularly,be tidy,smell great and always have fresh breath
5.Be occasionally unpredictable(in a good way)

5 secrets all women should know:
1.Project your femininity(Feminine dress,Joyful,Happy)
2.Praise the little stuff,sweat the small stuff too much
3.Keep being the real you
4.Dress your best regularly,be tidy,smell great and always have fresh breath
5.Be occasionally unpredictable(in a good way)

Personal Success Secrets:

Think like a millionaire RIGHT NOW,then become one

5 Key differences between wealthy & poor:
1.Wealthy - Invest their money and spend what is left
Poor - spend their money&Invest what is left

2.Wealthy-Committed to chase their dreams,have undying self belief that allows them to overcome the obstacles
Poor- Try to protect themselves by not getting their hopes up,but in the process lack the self belief required to succeed.

3.Wealthy - Dream Big.
Poor - Think Small(and are often afraid of big dreams).

4.Wealthy- Associate with Rich and Successful people.Read books and learn from those who are successful.
Poor- Associate with poor people and don't have the motivation or the desire to egt out there and learn what suuccessful people have to share with them.

5.Wealthy - Understand the power of their mind and focus on developing strong self belief and an abundance mindset
Poor - Often obstructed by negative self talk whereby they focus on what is going wrong

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this summary, Kannan.
You might like to review the 5 secrets all women should know: Point 2. Praise the little stuff, sweat the small stuff too much
I wrote out these points and the 2nd one was:
2. Praise the little stuff, DON'T sweat the small stuff too much
Apart from that, a great summary.

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