Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Healing session with Ann Taylor

Come on, experience the Healing session with Ann Taylor at: youwealthrevolution

Be a GEM in every situation and shine!
I am abundant now!

GOD Empowers you to Love Yourself
You are worthy
GOD is here,he is not in the cloud

I am Healthy now!

There are multi layers to heal
Be aware of the people you are hanging with,because that energy will influence you

Thank you God!
Thank you God Ann,Darius!
Thank you God for everything!

You are worthy,you deserve to be lucky!
Whatever you expect,Universe will deliver!
If you expect to be Lucky,You will be Lucky!

Believing in yourself is the real prosperity!
Believe in you as self made millionaires believe themselves!

I am a Multi Millionaire NOW!

For soulmate: You have to be to receive someone in your life!
This healing works on Kids too!

Removing nagative memories will slow your aging!
Dr.John DeMartini is a living example!
Removing nagative memories will boost you energy!
Removing nagative memories will give you a peaceful sleep!

God is streaming to you unconditional Love from GOD into every cell of your body from head to toe!
We are being of Light!
Money is Light now!
I am laughing now when you ask me to think of negative thought!
It is wonderful!
When i am hearing the words of Ann's healing,i am slipping into meditative state - This is my experience today!

Thanks for this amazing healing session Ann,Darius!
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