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How to Unleash Your Heart’s Hidden Power

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How to Unleash Your Heart’s Hidden Power
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youwealth- we create wealth,true wealth comes from our heart,everyone has a song to sing,unlocking the heart - Dr.Nelson
Emotion Code: simple method to find and release emotional baggage

Our body is nothing but pure energy
all are made of pure energy
we can measure emotions
every emotion is a vibrational energy with frequency
Body is a collection of small energies,flying in tight formation
Trapped energy - a ball of energy,lodged in the body,per example due to grief in the past still we are holding

we are all carrying emotional baggage
Per example,in Relationship challenges,in abundance,this plays a major role
If you follow your heart,you end up a best in your life
As a man thinketh in heart,so as he
In a heart transplant,the receiver receives not only the heart,but the donor's love
Many stories proves that heart stores the enrgy pattern
Trapped energies can cluster at heart
core of your spirit,core of our being is our heart
Heart wall is a energy wall made up of energies
we can measure the magnetic field of the heart
energy is sent to others from heart
Easy to release the emotional block for several years in minutes
when we release the emotion,we feel so better,as we remove the heart wall
then we become what we are in true being
Dr.Nelson use magnets to release the enrgies
sub conscious mind is very logical,it creates a symbol,when the heart wall is created
when we remove those blocked energies,we will attract all we desire,in resonance with what we are

Trapped energies radiate what is there hidden in subconscious mind
when we release our trapped energies,law of attraction is getting activated
anybody can learn emotion code to unlock your heart
This emotion code can help the whole planet and raise the world to a high level of vibrational energy

True abundance comes from releasing
warning signs of having a heart wall:
neck trouble,shoulder pain,disconnected or numb to emotion,being abused,being divorced

sway test:
body has a mechanism to sway towards positive
stand up relaxed,begin with a -ve thought and end with +ve thought
think abt wars,pains,people died,tears- body starts to sway backwards
think abt very,very +ve,we are 1000 yrs in future,your being is a pure light,you learn to give and receive

love unconditionally,the love radiates,infinite pure love radiates and fills the whole world - body goes forward
pose this question to subconscious mind: do i have a trapped emotion in our inability to achieve the

abundance,come up with yes or no
Make a statement : I have a heart wall - true or false whether your body swing forward
Our true nature is to be in abundance
getting back into abundance is to unlock our heart
Birthright of everyone is to be a healer
Emotion code is a simple method of becoming a healer
It is freeing process helps to create abundance
special offer by Dr.Nelson:
magnetic chart defines all the emotions(60 emotions),this can also can be used to release the blocks
there are meridian points,you can just use magnet to invoke these points
you can become certified on this
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you can use this method from long distance or from remote also(proxy method) to learn more
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Emotion code can release multiple layers of emotional blocks
Even Inherited emotional blocks can be cleared,amazing!
It works for past life issues too!
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