Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Health Secrets

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Herbs are super foods
Herbalism is coming into mainstream
We have to act as our own doctors
from the heating system,toxic environment starts
when you start to eat raw food,you will feel direct connection to everything
you just become part of the nature
you won't be afraid of death
you start to live more,forget dying
we are not prewired to anything
cancer is not genetic
cancer is caused by toxicology in the body,ecosystem
It is a programming by media,parents,friends,surrounding
when you are healthy,it is easy to be connected
your confidence,performance increase
There are infinite possibilities
It is becoming easy to breakthrough the old habits,old moulds now
we can actually remove the primitive cancer cells
Because of the tools,raw food,raw herbs,positive thinking,get rid of toxins
people on the brink of death turned around and having child
friend who was in a basement for 6 months can get out and ride a bicycle
people are off of tap water and going for spring water
any nutrional shortage can be found by skin
we all can use some cleansing
do fasting more
not eating is more valuable than eating

Symptoms of bad health:
Bad Breath
Thinning hair,loss of vitality of hair,male pattern balding
we are aging very quikly
this can be reveresed to good nutrition
we need more hydrogen in system - can get from fresh spring water,fresh food
poor eyesight
foggy mind and brain
pigments in berries,1 -3 pound of berries per day in the meal help eye sight,brain fog leaves

challenges by women today:
astorgen dominance
3 types
too high on astrogen - all kinds of problem
inability to move,act
540% of more prone to breast cancer
plastic bottle contains astrogen

for rectfication:
1.Take coconut products
2.Raw butter
Omega 3 fatty acids in oil form can help to improve health

deliberately and unconsciously we are hidden from the right knowledge
misinformed about health ,nature,diseases
Truth will come out
Judgement and denial is the key
doctors are making money what they invested
formation of bad calcium in our body is contributing to every illness
never take any calcium supplement
David's message:
It is become easier to become healthier now

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Thanks David,Darius!
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David's special offer

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