Sunday, November 21, 2010

Secrets of Personal Resilience

Listen to Dr.Symeon Rodgers on:
Secrets of personal Resilience:Mastering the ultimate wealth

Wow!It is a great Resume!
wealth within ourselves - ultimate wealth of resilience
without inner wealth,you can't make outer wealth
Chi - Energy
257 years old chinese man,Li Chin Yan
why the body falls apart
Mind can penerate into your body and detect the feelings
when you focus your mind on a body part,the part's dynamics changes
more oxygen,more blood go into that part of our body
7 deadly spirals of dynamics:
1.spinal column(spine)
2.Muscle tendon and Ligaments,Lymph systems
3.fasciae(layer on skin)
4.Bone Marrow

Fat fills up our bone marrow,fasciae
you have a fiber optic within our body,we are light beings
photons of light in our fasciae
Mind and Body are connected
Body comprises of Intelligence

shoulder shouldn't raise up while breathing - chest breathing
you should breath abdominally,you are cleansing your body,emotions calm down
Psycology effects are also associated while you are chest breathing,you are getting into negative thoughts
It is a useful emotional cleaning process

Relax into life

How to remove these 7 spirals:
Tai Chi - solid steel rapped into cotton
Qi Gong - 5000 years of longevity science
It is a healing modality,it is useful to overcome the 7 spirals of dynamics

Systems of Dr.Simeon:
self massage - energy tune up
Legendary- muscle tendant changing
bone marrow cleansing -
bone marrow is the fountain of youth,solid steel rapped into cotton
Iron Shirt -
you will become resilient to any accidents
Atmosphere is pushing you,so posture is comprimised
Iron shirt is reinstating so you can become like a child
Energy circulation - Breathing moment to manage channel,it is an anti-aging tool
These systems can be done anywhere even from our chairs
It will take 10-15 mins for these systems

These systems will help you to Increased energy level,calming down,more vitality
Whole new life of feeling your body
Leverage your body alongwith mind to release the emotions and balance
If the energy systems are not good,you can't think positive

Qi Qong can help you to relieve tension in the body,end of releasing the trauma(emotional and physical)
place your mind to focus on a particular area and rotate,you can release the tension
Bone Marrow cleansing helps to bring energy into bone marrow,which will increase the quality of bone marrow
Hara(means belly in japanese) is another system,it is the details of postute,breathing and mental attention,
It reinforces you to move in a meditative state - amazing!
It(Iron Shirt) increases the general immunity
diseases are no longer possible when energy is concentarted in lower belly area(in a poetic way)
Kids can do Qi Gong(active qi gong like iron shirt,muscle tendon changing)
you can do lot of moments in sitting posture also,for old people with moments compromised

Dr.Symeon's Message:
we have to go back to basics
To have faith that things will work out,beieve it or not it will work out
Breathe properly,breathe abdomonily

Our current system is not supporting to become free of illness
Take care of yourself in a well rounded way
Treat your body in a holistic way
you are a being of a light

Thank you so much Dr.Symeon,much Love to you!

Wow!This is an incredible,awesome call!
Ancient Chinese wisdom in modern terminology and the science behind it!
It is a whole new world of possibility to live longer with energy,vitality!
Dr.Symeon's special offer: Dr.Symeon's special offer


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