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Happy for No Reason

Listen to MARCI SHIMOFF on
Happy for No Reason as a Way of Life
at : youwealthrevolution

Is it really possible to be happy always?
When we are child,we are very happy and joyful
even we hurt or fail,we forgot the incident and be happy always
but once we grow up,we forget how to be happy
we are meant to be happy in this world
we are born here to be joyful
Marci is going to share the steps to be happy as a way of life
she is great,i listened to her many times earlier

wealth in every area
Truth of each one of us,steeping into the essence
Living in abundance,haapiness in every level

Just be happy!

Achieving goals will give you a temporary state of happiness but you will go back to the happiness set point
happiness is the goal of all goals - Aristotle
we can change our happiness set point just like a thermostat

Benefits of being Happy:

More Healthier,9 years longer,longevity when you are happy
Great relationships
More fulfilment in career
Make a million dollars more in their lifetime

If you are really happy without any reason,you will get miracles
we are at our core,are happy
If you are happy,you can be in the now

7 main areas of life for happiness:
Building your Inner home
Foundation- Taking Responsibilty for your happiness
Pillars- Mind,Heart,Body,Soul
Roof-Living an Inspired Life
Garden-Who you surround with,the people
Pick up a weakest link of these 7 areas and start with increasing your happiness set point from there
Model the habits of the happier people

How to raise the happiness set point:
1.Mind -
60000 thoughts per day
80% are negative
Mind - teflon for +ve,velcro - for -ve
happy people reverse this
Positive people make the +ve thicker
Gratitude journal helps you to raise ur happiness level
Success or Win Journal
To savor the moments
if you work for 20 seconds on your happiness,you will grow new neuro network
Sedona method,EFT,Byron Katie method - Tools for happiness

Heart -
Heart Rythm coherence
1.Heart focus: do heart breathing,feel the most happy moment,feel it in your heart now,feel gratitude and appreciation,allow them to your whole body(60 seconds).It will your put into flow.We can make creative decisions.
2.Hoponopono - Hawaian tradition - I am sorry,Please forgive me,Thank you,I love you

1 out of 5 women in U.S are depressed,it is staggering stat!

Basis of the Law of Attraction is Happiness
shortcut to anything you want is to be happy in the now
Live in the state of happiness
Harmones like cerotonine,dophomine,gaba are helpful to be happy
more positive thoughts
when you are happy physically,you can be happy mentally
quality of sleep depends on your happiness
If you go to bed before 10pm,you will sleep better

How to unplug from the garbage and be happy:
build your own Happiness Immune System
the more you have,the less you drawn to negativity
Paid Body(eckart Tolle coined the word) - painful body feeds on more pain

If you are a parent,it is very important
You will be much more energetic,when you are happy
Holosync Technology by Centerpointe,founder Bill Harris - useful for great results

How to be happy when you are away from your family:
Everyone has their challenges
can you be happy anyway?
Be Happy inside
Is this a friendly universe?
Universe always supports you
There is a gift in this
Is this happening for a higher purpose?
Try labelling anything Bad for a week
what is the lesson you get out of this?
There is a higher order which will move you to the incredible place
Thanks Darius!I am with Tears!
Higher the energetic vibration,miracles happen in life
Happy people magnetise more Love,more materialistic things
Emotional Contegiant - you will catch the emotions of the people around you

when you are going through financial challenges:
Recognize that when you are financially not well,you can be happy
Change your energetic vibration,your finance change
stop the downward spiral,start the upward spiral

Marci's Message:
Our souls are here to experience happiness,freedom
No matter where you are,you can tune into your happiness
It is the least selfish thing to take care of our happiness
we feel that light of happiness to create peace in this world
your sphere of influence will be more when you are happy
be who you meant to be

"If there is light in the soul, There will be beauty in the person. If there is beauty in the person,There will be harmony in the house. If there is harmony in the house, There will be order in the nation. If there is order in the nation, There will be peace in the world."

Ask this question?:
What would you dye for?
My Answer:
Helping and Serving Others

what an incredible call!
Everyone needs at this point of challenging time!
Thanks Darius,Marci!
Marci's special offer:
Marci's Special Offer

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