Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring Forest QiQong

Master Chunyi Spring Forest QiQong call summary

Healer in every family and a world without pain - what a wonderful vision!
Everybody has a gift of healing!
Most powerful healing energy is Love and Compassion!

qiqong can be used to release the energy blockage in the body
spring forest qiqong brings 3 breathing in a minute

Breathing is a way to connect to your heart
Unconditional energy is in heart
slow down your breathing
you will have more oxygen
every cell have more energy
Stress is major cause for enrgy blockage

wow,heart energy,just like heart wall,emotion code by Dr.Nelson

Mind - 10% energy
Heart - 90% energy

Mind Body connection is the base

How does the QiQong works-
Unplug the blockage
All about you
Mind,Breathing,Movements,Vibration - parts of QiQong

QiQong - chi - energy ,energy at work
everything is energy
universe is build of energy
energy can be transformed

I am having an itchy left eye.
I love my left eye!
I love you even more!
I love my left eye unconditionally!

If you believe it,it works
if you don't believe it,it still works

Power of Love
Love is the most powerful,but simple force in the world
Bring the light to come in,open your heart
Power of Love

Appreciate all your past experiences
Life itself has no beginning and no ending!

Spring forest focuses on healing and heart
Love and Unconditional energy
helps you to unlock the energy from the heart
everybody is born with gift of healing
It focus on external qiqong
you can do in person and long distance healing

You can become your own master in your life!

gain or loss of hope is all about you
no one can take it away from you
why you are a living being here
choose which brings joy and happiness
associate with those people who brings joy and happiness
ignore those things which you don't want
get it out


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