Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The New formula for Success

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one of the system:
1.set intention
2.by soul,go for it,align to it
3.wish the universe

New Model for manifestation:
1.Get clear on your intention
2.discover your why
3.educate yourself on the methods to achieve the result
4.Take all the action who are capable of
5.Allow divine grace to takeover and handle the rest
make a partnership with GOD
Together we can allow abundance to flow into our life

what will your ideal day look like?
what kind of relationship will you have?
make a goal little bit everyday
whether you are paid or not you are thrilled by experiencing your day
look for the things you love to do everyday
contributing great value

3 questions:
1.whom did you want love most from when you were child?
2.who you want to do or be,intelligent,strong,in order to get their love?
3.who did you never be to that person who you want to get love from?
who you currently are today?
who do you have to be starting from today in order to align to your joy,fully to be authentic to be yourself

fear - is an emotion to protect our body from danger
It is an incredible gift
how to apply that?
recognize it as a gift
if i am fearful,i am not 100% prepared in some part of my life?
where in my life i am unprepared?
go get prepared,grow the muscle in that area
next time,fear will decrease

have a long term (ex.100 year) vision for your life
unless you have a longterm vision,you are anxious all the time
if you have a longterm vision,you will be always calm
design your own life for periods of life
take one area and study,master it
keep whatever it is working and discard what is not working

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Completely unstoppablly confident
Spend time focus on what is going on in your life
look for something right in your life
ask what am i grateful for in my life
flood your life daily with gratitude
when you have tough time,go to the place of that gratitude
ask those 5 questions
continue to flood with gratitude

Thanks so much Jairek!Thanks Darius!
Incredible call!
visit: http://youwealthrevolution.com/jairek

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