Saturday, May 21, 2011

David Neagle's Cash Injection Formula

I watched Neagle's cash injection seminars,he is awesome!
very fast ideas to manifest money!
make a decision
expect the opportunity
act on it when it comes!
get very clear on what you want to do,what you love
what is the end result,make a decision
no body has a fear of money or success,failure
we are afraid of the change
when u become successful,people will look at you different,may judge you
but that is not your problem
when you change,it makes people to adopt to change

make a decision that you are going to turn around
you won't tolerate at the position where you are
then you will notice the opportunity,oppotunity will show up

business principles and mindset principles
know and embody the princiles,million dollars is not a big deal

what is a purpose?
nobody knows,it is unfolding as you go
change the question to what is the biggest challenge
what is the decision and next thing to do next

whenever there is a major problem,realise that it is not happening for no reason
you didn't do anything wrong
it opens the door for the next better thing(universe)
everything is preparing us in life for the next best thing
Thanks David!


Thanks Darius for this wonderful call!

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