Friday, May 13, 2011

Self Hypnosis

Here is the call summary of Steve Jones:

All natural self-hypnosis:
all change comes from within.
You are embracing the drugs just words involved.

You take control vs leaving on auto-pilot

abundance,confidence,visualization,creativity,rerogramming,overcome anger and fear of failure,meditation,negotiation,motivation,health,stop procrastination - all these are possible with hypnosis
overcome fear of success- interesting

Achieving Inner Peace - needs are different for men and women,focus on what you enjoy,believing in yourself

Love to exercise - by creating a new neuro association between exercise and fun through hypnosis

attaching the speaker to the pillow,playing the affirmations(hypnosis pillow) - nice cool tip by darius

You didn't change,no change internally,tune into the part of yourself which is solid,you have the power
you have to carry forward
you have the value of 1
everyone is of same value
tune into your power
continue to move forward
wonderful steve,Thanks!Thanks Darius!

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