Saturday, May 14, 2011

Meeting with a Billionaire

Ajim Premji is the chairman of Wipro,one of the leading IT Comapnies in india.
Azim Premji has led Wipro since 1966. Then a USD 2 million hydrogenated cooking fat
company, Wipro Limited is today a USD 5 billion revenue IT, BPO and R&D Services organization with presence in over 50 countries.

Premji ranked 3rd richest indian with a net worth of $17.6 billion by forbes india.
Time listed him as one amongst the 100 most influential people in the world (April 2004). He was named by Fortune as one of the 25 most powerful business leaders outside the US (August 2003, Forbes listed him as one of ten people globally, who have the most “power to effect change” (March 2003). He was adjudged the Business Leader of the Year 2004 by the Economic Times.
In January 2005, The Government of India conferred upon him the Padma Bhushana, one of the highest civilian awards in the country.
Premji pledges $2 billion of wipro shares to charity,to improve the education in india.

I am working for wipro here in the U.S as a senior specialist.
We had a corporate event on today at Chutney Mary Restaurant,Monmouth,New jersey.
He gave brief speech on company's performance in various countries of the world.
T Kurien,CEO gave a speech on company's strategies.
There was a 90 minute Q&A session,followed by rewards to employees by premji.
At the end,we had a delicious dinner buffett.

I had a chance to speak to him for couple of minutes while waiting at the food line.
I congratulated him on winning the Padma award,for his recognition by Time magazine as top 100 influential men.

I told him,his donation to charity is tremendous and it is one of the largest by an indian as cited by bill gates.He nodded his head as accpetance.

After desert,i requested him for a picture which he graciously accepted,even though the photo session was over.
Azim Premji is a graduate in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, USA.

I felt proud to meet a billionaire with heart.I am truly inspired by his simplicity and humbleness.

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