Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Eleutheria method

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Perception of life
Innate power has a unique code
we can turn it on and off
Life is meant to be miracle
we close off,as we are blocking

we have an innate unique vibration
only you can open your innate genius
You can rebuild anything again

Flower of life,geometric representation of the order of life -revealed through the horrible accident

symatic - sound vibrations

power will move from many to the few

findyour own value
your own genius
your heart code

we are moving towards a shift
we lost the connection to the true value
we are moving back to true value

deeper resonance
turn on the vibration
activate your own genius

aligning to your heart code,you have power
finding your own genius - what questions to ask
think abt greatest moment of your life,write them down
what are the values
when you ask questions in a certain way,you begin to unlock your heart code
good or bad contributes for our expansion and growth
if you are not aligned with purpose,you have pain in your life

take a breathe and release
center yourself
feel really calm
think of a challenge you have in your life
grandest vision
what feeling is holding you back
feel the fear in your body now
think positive about it as much as you can
make note about your body
take the same challenge issue
imagine something that you really love to do
now,think about the possibilities
ask in your mind the connection
how could that situation or challenge play a greater role in my life
go forward in ming's eye 10 yrs later from today and look back
that negative situation is a stepping stone
feel that energy in your heart
dial into the frequency of your heart
all of it is there for your gain and love
make note of the feeling in your body right now
big difference is when you think +ve,there is a resistance
go deeper into your heart and aslk questions
open up your heart
feeling your heart fill up the entire room
1.what is your most joyful moment in your life
who were in at that time
2.if you have unlimited money,time,knowledge,how do you spend your day
take notes
3.the time when i feel complete was when i ....
cause of everything is living in that moment
whatever flows from moment is your life purpose
redefine those moments
live everyday in those moments
let those feelings sink in your heart and body
lot more clear
chest is really open
be present

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what if you tap into collective genius
what if you don't have any fear
once you free from low vibration,you can get into higher level
you can get guidance from the masters
As you give,you will receive
you are unique
you are precious
no one has the same magic and gifts
why is that?
that is the gift you have to discover
you create the formula to open your heart code
no one can discover thr formula for you

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Thanks Darius!Thanks Adam!

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