Saturday, February 12, 2011

Billionaire Secrets on Goal Setting

I listened to the teleseminar by Bill Bartmann on goal setting this week,here are the golden nuggets.

10 Secrets on Goal Setting by Bill Bartmann:

1.Pick your own goal,not anyone's goal.

2.Call it a Promise(instead of calling it as a goal).

3.Clearly identify the goal.

4.Identify your personal motivators to achieve the goals.

5.Create a written 'Promise Plan' which should include the What,WHen,Where,Why,Who,How parts of the goal.
who - who will help you in achieving the goal.
How - How to achieve the goal.

6.Do something about the plan(Review the plan everyday).

7.Tell yourself that you will succeed(Through positive self-talk and affirmations)

8.Tell others about your goal(by doing this,you become committed to your goal).

9.Envision the end results(Visualise your end result of the goal)
per example,I want to be financially free and work from home in 2015,having my own i visualize in detail:
I wake up whenever i want,very relaxed,have a nice tea,have a morning play with my children.
I bath and make the children ready for school.
I walk my son till he boards his school van.
I have my morning prayer,have my breakfast.
I start working from my home office.I go to salem to look after some other businesses.
I am so happy,healthy and wealthy.In fact,we are all healthy,happy and wealthy.
I am having lot of businesses and charities.
I am running couple of hospitals and old age home,educational trust.
I am living my life in purpose.

10.Start Now,take some action towards your goal.

Wonderful tips from a great man!

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