Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Effects of EMF and Healing

Listen to Jean Gallick at:
everything is energy
electro magnetic field
we are all connected through resonance
we have connection between us and earth
human resonance,powered by lightening strikes
anything happens in this earth have impact
there is a way to connect to oneness
there is a way to release negatively induced electricity into earth
household wiring,computer wiring induce current into our nervous system
we have ions in our cell which regulates metabolism
EMF knocks calcium,lithium,potassium into our blood stream
microwave radiation is faster than household electricy,it affects our body
cell phone radiation also affects our health
stress makes you become lethargic
high pollution inside our home than outside
cell phone protector protects you from the waves of environment
wi fi generates EMF
laptop generates EMF which affects our health
when you are using laptop or talking to cell phone,you are not creative enough during that period
if you are protected from EMF,you can sleep peacefully
immune system gets anxiety reaction
when you reduce the impact of electricty,you can relax better
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