Friday, May 27, 2011

Energy Vibrations

Listen to Christie Marie Sheldon on Energy Vibrations at:

Energy levels:
540 is joy,joy is a catalyst for miracle
20 is shame
30 is guilt
apathy - 50
grief - 75
fear - 100
anger - 150
energy vibration levels:175-pride
300- willingness
love - 500
joy - 540
540 and above - healing occurs
600-peace of mind
700 and above - enlightment(gandhi,Mother Terasa)
more you move up,you align with higher self
what you think,affects the surroundings
it affects our body
we all have personal level of energy vibration
0-1000 scale
holistic being
muscle testing-used for measuring the energy levels:
stand up - say yes,yes,yes-body moves forward
say no,no,no - body moves backward
don't be needy,it is a fear based energy
you can feel in and around your body the pattern
if you feel heavy,ask the question where in your body you feel heavy
what you love more than anything
feel lightest in our body
I feel at my heart
think about you absolutely hate
I feel at my stomach
if part of your body is aching,you have low frequency
think of something you love
send love to that body part which is aching
healing energy is being sent to that part
your body is like your child
be conscious about your thinking
say you are so gargeous,body will respond
lower self is under 300
higher self is above 500
growing family is greatest thing we can do for this world
if something unwanted happen in the past(like divorce) when you grow up,you get struck in there,it is lower energy self
you need to send energy to heal that
some people attract money issues
we have to clean up our energy
slow down,think,what we are doing is really serving us
Bless everything,everyone
Bless someone you love most
you become a open vessel for manifesting abundance
if you want instant charisma,bless someone
Bless everybody
you feel the lightness of you who really are
you energetically vibrate at some level of money
energy when you feel gratitude,it acts like a vortex which attracts everything
totally appreciative and grateful
take a dollar bill
ask how can i get more of you
infinitely wise part of you is your higher self
when you connect to your higher self,you won't miss much
you get an answer when you connect to your higher self
Is this job or person or decision aligned with my life purpose?
It is connecting to your divine self
It opens up awareness
we have to clean up our energy everday
lot of our thoughts are not even ours
we are picking up others energy
connect to the light at this moment
open your body,let the light comes in
this is the best idea to restore your being
It is an incredible call!Thanks Darius!Thanks Christie!

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