Saturday, May 21, 2011


Today we have a Jersey festival at Central Avenue,Jersey city,Nj.
There are so many stalls,music,lot of food.The environment is awesone.
We went around and had fun.We had a very good time.

One of the stall was Palmistry by Samantha.
Palmistry is the art of reading your hands.It is very common in india.
They use their intuitive power to read your hands.They can tell your past and future based on the lines of your hands.This is also one of the ancient art just like Astrology.Each line represents one area of your life like longetivty line,education line,money line,marriage line,etc.My grandfather used to read our hands when we were young.This art also can be taken as sign post in your life.

Samantha told many of my personal life events to be precise.
Per example,I am going to move to India for good in October.She told that there is a move upcoming.
She is very intuitive and reading in a flow without any hesitation.
I highly recommend her.If you get a chance,just try palmistry once.

Samantha can be contacted at: 201.344.3492
139,charles street,
jersey city,nj-07307

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