Friday, May 13, 2011

Emotion Codes

Thanks Darius for selecting me as a winner of last night's call!
I am winning for the 2nd year in a row now!

There is a a powerful force within each of us which can't be taken away by any external factors - Nevil Godard

Summary of the Call with Dr.Bradley Nelson:
youwealth - Abundance in all areas of life!
Learning how to create abundance in all areas of life
Trapped emotion - leads to tissue imbalance,acid influx,and lot of others

body is full of energy,this energy field is getting distorted by trapped emotions
we are living in the age of heart

Heart wall - heartache,physical sensation
Heart is the seed of the soul,source of all love, and creativity
heart's magnetic field is upto 12 feet of diameter
heart is communicating to al the cells of the body
brain is also obeying to the heart
Information in this field is altered by the heart wall

Heart transplant affects the personality of the donor
deepest part of our being when it is hurt,subconscious mind creates a heart wall
heart wall is made up of layers of emotions

Emotion code is written so that you can release your trapped emotion and heart wall
once the heart wall is released,creativity will be flowing naturally
Success comes from the heart
we are carrying lot of emotions from our ancestors
once your heart wall is cleared,you are free from the emotional baggage from generations

At the moment of conception,energy is passed on
there is an energetic connection
60 emotions in the chart of emotion code
The information is in the subconscious mind
How do we find the stuck emotions -
You can ask questions to the subconscious mind
using muscle testing
Emotion code helps with weight loss
Trapped emotions are involved
chest pain is one of the side effects of heart wall - for certifications on emotion code
It works on animals as well
Heart walls can be cleared in 3 sessions
one session - 8 emotions can be released

difficult situations are temporary.
There is a purpose to our lives.
we are here to have joy.
emotional baggage can be released through emotion code.
There is genius and greatness inside every one of you.
There is a song in every one of you.
Thanks Dr.Nelson!Thanks Darius!


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