Monday, July 25, 2011

Whale Watching in Boston

I was there in Boston in the weekend(7/24/2011).I have a friend of 10 years staying there in strewsburry,working as a software engineer.

He has a kawasaki bike(650CC).We went around the country side of strewsburry on saturday.We went to WWII Memorial beach and Harvard beach.

On sunday,we went to downtown boston for whale watching.It was an amazing experience going that far into the ocean for the 1st time.We saw whales come up for feeding!Atleast 20 of them,ranging 50 feet to 90 feet in length!Enjoy the show!

While waiting for the boat,we had a chance to some amazing flute!Alongwith the musician,there was a juggler(may be his family),treating all of us!Enjoy his performance!

Superb Trip,I like Boston!

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Horseman said...

மிக்க நன்றி , உங்கள் அனுபவத்தை எங்கள்
அனுபவமாக மாற்றியதற்கு
தொடர்ந்து வாருங்கள் எங்களை மேலும்

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