Monday, July 18, 2011

Energy Clearing

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Gratitude is higher energy
have a gratitude log
get into the vibration of that energy

Self Worthiness:
I am worthy in all areas of life!
I am well paid for what i love to do!
I find joy in my life
My Future is safe

my financial future is safe
I have financial security regardless of economy
There is plenty for me
There is plenty for everyone
My success helps others to succeed
I am trustworthy and honest
I easily get ahead being honest

Relationship with one's self:
I am connected to my self
I approve myself
I love myself
I approve and accept myself

It is safe for me in relationship
Trust your intuition
Approval and acceptance are keys
I am a good partner
I attarct the ideal partner for me
we have equal exchange of energy
I am worthy and committed to have a healthy relationship
I am comfortable in social gathering
People value what i have to offer
I attract right clients for me
I have the clarity
I have the resources that i need

Your Body:
Every cell of the body is full of intelligence
They work together and optimally
They know what they are doing
the body has its healing power
body is so smart
it is so forgiving
such an amazing beautiful machine

I am patient with myself
I allow the life's process to unfold on its own
It is all in divine order
I am always in the right place at the right time


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Horseman said...

thank you my dear Kannan
thank you
for sparing your precious time
mikka nanri

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