Friday, July 8, 2011

Unlock your heart for Abundance

Bradley Nelson on Unleasing the Heart's hidden power at youwealth:
youwealth - wealth really come from our core being
True wealth comes from our heart
every person has a song to sing and it comes from the heart
emotion code - finding and releasing the emotion baggage
collection of energy flying together
body starts to vibrate at the emotional level
energy is trapped in the body,it is invisible,little ball of energy
Trapped emotion will distort the normal energy of the body
you will feel the disease
you can find the trapped emotion through muscle testing
if you follow your heart,you will end up in best possible destination
As a man thinketh in his heart,so as he
God won't see the outside appearance,but a man's heart
person who received a heart, inherited the love of the owner
Heart is the seed of the soul
love and creativity comes from heart
Heart is the subconscious mind as per Bradley nelson
Heart ache - when you are hurt
when you are experiencing the heart ache couple of times,you will put a heart wall within you
Heart wall is an energy wall
we can measure the magnetic field if the heart
heart is sending out energy to another person
no shortage of ways to find abundance
abundance comes from unlocking your heart and sing the song you were created here for
Magnets are used to release the trapped energy
subconscious mind creates a symbolic material when it creates the wall
symptoms of a blocked heart - neck trouble,shoulder problems,disconnected feeling,numb to feeling,hard time to connecting to the right person,if you are abused earlier in your life
subconscious mind is a archived part,we can tune into it
Way to test - sway test,all organisms resond to the ositive and negative
human body built into it
body tends to forward for positivity and falls backforward for negativity

Process: stand up very relaxed
Think about war,think about the suffering,think about the tears,all the lives ruined
As you think about these,get into resonance with the war,body tends to sway backforwards
Now,think about positive
Imagine a 1000 years gone by
you become a being of pur light
you have learned to give and receive unconditional love,every moment
infinite pure love radiating out from you
imagine that is what you become
The moment you get into that resonance,your body tends to sway forward

Ask your subconscious mind:
Do i have a trapped emotion that is interfearing with my ability to create abundance?
I have a heart wall - just think that,true - body will swing forward

Old feeling will melt away
True being is a creature of abundance
all about unlocking our heart
we are somebody else
we are bathed into the negativity all along
what we really want is hidden in the deepest part of our being
step out into a new person who are meant to be
Birthright of everyone is a healer
we are reclaiming the birthright of healing
unlocking the heart is a freeing process
all things start to happen naturally

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