Thursday, July 14, 2011

q&A - II with Rikka Zimmerman

Call with Rikka continues at:
from a clean slate of mind,you can choose anything
Never resist anything
Resistance is refusing to receive
People can give you what they can give themselves
Infinite being is never being hurt
you can't be hurt
Infinite beings don't need protection
what your judgement creates your reality?
your point of view creates your reality
every judgement is like tuning a dial
Generative, energy,space and consciousness
Rikka's Clearing statement: Good or Bad,right or wrong,All 9,PAD,PAC,shorts,boys and beyond
No one is greater than you unless you make so
what if getting into judgement about your body is difficult?
with every judgement,you are cutting of the energy which will change your body
visulaise the STOP sign everytime when you judge your body and feel into the regenerative energy
make judgemnet is a foreign object in your universe
ask who does it belong to whenever you judge yourself
your body is more conscious than you
every cell of your body is conscious

what if money is used for change in this world?
what if you begin to receive money like you breathe?
don't say i want money
start asking questions instead
what if lot of money show up?
only thing big enough for you is you
make money to be light,don't make it heavy,don't make a drama around money
what if the amount of money you need or desire becomes comfortable to you?
what if universe desires to give you everything?
what if universe supports unconditionally?
Universe,what would take for money to show up?
Universe has more ways to bless you
Remove the fear
feel the bridges of light
Say I love myself,I love my life,I love my experiences
Challenges brought you access consciousness
there is a higher purpose for your existence here
what is actually valuable to me? - ask yourself
you are more about energy
evergy of having you,not judging you,waking up acknowledging you
you are the one looking for you,nothing else
every choice you make,what if you celebrate
Mantra of access consciousness:
All of life comes to me with ease,joy,glory

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