Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Q&A with Rikka Zimmerman

Q&A with Rikka at:
Fear is a Lie
You are an infinite being
there is a difference between excitement and fear
what if that excitement is really what you are showing up
mind can find what we already know
living in the question
if you let you go of the past,you will have more possibilities
we have to go beyond our mind,clear and release the blocks
what else can i add to my life?
what if if you asking questions?
asking questions make you lighter
what else can bring more money?
what if money was not hard?
what if life is not hard?
Receiving is easy
what if you receive money just like breathe?
action is required
what if you are 1000% more psychic and aware?
what if you are like a satellite which picks up information from around?
there is no way to take you out of oneness
what if 99% thoughts doesn't belong to you?
whenever you get a thought,ask : who does it belong to?
Judgement locks in what you judge
when we judge something as wrong,we lock it in
what if you don't judge as right or wrong
POC - point of creation
POD - point of destruction
prove that you are powerful enough
what if all are judgement you think about yourself are all lies
what if these are oldest lies
judgement won't give more of you
what if you forgot to judge you
what if you lose the capacity to judge

what if it is not about money but it is of being and receiving
what if every opportunity is under your nose
being who you are is easy
what if what you are looking for you is you?

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