Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tapping your way into Abundance

Carol Look on abundance at youwealth:
youwealth is real wealth
It is internal wealth
It is your heart and soul
Abundance - It is a vibration ,it is not a dollar amount!
It is a feeling!
Tune into the vibration,you will be abundant!
If you focus on money,you will slow down the process of manifestation
You can't get rich if you feel poor
Clear the static within yourself
clearing out the junk
I love it when I am enjoying my time with my family!
Thank you universe for bringing me the freedom and multiple sources of income!
If you are congruant and clear,universe will bring you abundance
Next Yes- if you get yes to your next decision,then go ahead
if you get a color which you like,it is a YES
Just reading emails also,check out whether you feel yes or no
read those emails for which you get yes
EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique
It is based on chinese acupunture and meridian points in the body
If you change your energy,you will change your income
Beliefs are compulsive
if you clear your beliefs,you will be abundant
You need a target for EFT
emotion,event,symptom - these are targets
we can use EFT for anxiety about money,future,job
deserving issues,comfort zones,relationship issues with money - we can use EFT
change your enrgy to change your life
write down:
what is the down side of being successful?
I am afraid of being successful because...
If i am succssful,they will what...
what is the upside of being where we are?
How does it serve you being at the same place where you are?
You are here for a reason
please don't give up
change the internal consciousness about abundance

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