Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Spirituality in the new economy

Hans King on Spirituality at : http://youwealthrevolution.com/now/
GOD loves you absolutely,unconditionally
God won't judge you,only you judge yourself
you are already enough
Spirituality is who you are
you mingle the enrgy and become spiritual
spirit never looks at deed,looks at intention
yes i can,yes i am
It is perception
It is cause and effect
you see what you look for
when you believe,a way will be found
when you change your perception,you will see who you are
when you are feeling enough,your economic condition changes
you have to look past your limitation
there is enormous wealth of everything avaialble for the person who changes his/her perception
Angel - Bearer of information
You can't for abundance if you are not enough
when you say you want to be wealthy,you send a signal of you are not enough
Greatest enemy is our mind chatter
Low self esteem is the root cause of not having abundance
if you have perfect faith,your mind chatter won't allow to interfere your path
You are here for a reason,not as an accident
we have enormous potential
we have unconditional love
we are so loved by the spirit
every baby is a smile from god
every one is a gift of god
what really is enough for me?
when you realise that you are not dosconnected from the spirit,that starts the process
you are spirit in human form
everbody can be taught how to ask and receive answers from the spirit
who are already is sufficient
you are perfect
get it now
you vibrate at certain frequency
I hear that
each person hears at certain tone
know the vibrational presence of the spirit and raise your frequency
we are not so alone
spirit has no judgement
Spirit sees us as baby angel and how are we doing in this experience
soulmate relationship
soulmate lover
soulmate friendship
soulmate animal
when you mix up these,you are in trouble
only you can give peace and joy
Gaining control over the mind chatter is the key
secret says i am enough,i deserve
I am strong,i will make it,i will be the person i want to be
find out who you really are
what you wanted to be before you become what you are?
Visit: http://youwealthrevolution.com/hans
how old would you be if you are not of your age?
do you have any how much you are loved?
god loves you so much more than anyone
what can you make of this
who are you
find out who you are
you are abundance,joy,hope
you are enough is the key for almost everything
Visit: http://youwealthrevolution.com/hans

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