Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Super Hero Learning

Listen to Jim Kwik at:
motivation - motive for action
H3- head,heart,hand
you can't steer a parked car
power of profound knowledge
you have genius within you
you have gifts and abilities you may not be even aware of
end the trance-transcend
MOM-Remember your MOM
Reason preceds Results
Reason comes first
what you practice in private will be praised in public
power of now,be in the flow
stand guard your doorway to your mind
Practice makes Progress
NET- No ExtraTime
S-Say the name
You are the expert
U-Use the name
A-Ask the name
what i do i understand
TIP-Turn into a Picture
Kids don't know what they they don't know
They are not afraid of making mistakes
E-End with a name
Leaders are Readers
Quicker learning is quicker earning
Don't let the school get into your education
Einstein increased the connections in his brain


you have more gifts than you imagine

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